International Scientific Committee:

M. Alberti (Italy), J. Arias (Spain), S. Boullon (Switzerland), E. Calabrese (Italy), S. Close (Ireland), B. Contigianni (Italy), S. Correia (Portugal), D. Dicheva (Bulgaria), M. Doyle (U.K.), J. Enkenberg (Finland), K. Farkas (Hungary), M. Giovanni (Italy), Y. Give'on (Israel), V. Batagelj (Slovenia), J. L. Gurtner (Switzerland), K. Johnson (U.K.), V. Kaptelinin (Russia), I. Kalas (Slovakia), C. Kynogos (Greece), H. Loethe (Germany), P. Ludovici (Italy), F. Mantegazza (Italy), C. Montandon (France), E. Neuwirth (Austria), R. Noss (U.K.), C. Parmentier (France), C. Pellegrino (Italy), H. Pixtereen (Netherlands), G. Reuteler (Lichtenstein), G. Schuyten (Belgium), E. Sendova (Bulgaria), J. Skenar (Malta), S. Triantafillou (Greece), M. Turcsányi-Szabó (Hungary), M. Valcke (Belgium), U. Wittrup (Sweden).

Chairman of Eurologo `97: M. Doyle (UK)

Scientific Secretary: M. Turcsányi-Szabó (Hungary)
Mailing address:
Márta Turcsányi-Szabó
Eötvös Loránd University
Department of Informatics Methodology
H-1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6-8.
Phone/Fax: ++ 36 1 266 5196
International Program Committee:
I. Kalas (Slovakia), R. Noss (U.K.), E. Sendova (Bulgaria), M. Doyle (UK), M. Turcsányi-Szabó (Hungary)


John von Neumann Computer Society together with Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Informatics Methodology

Eötvös Loránd University, Dept. of Informatics Methodology

The department has been active in training teachers of Informatics for the past 15 years. Logo and related educational environments have been part of the curriculum from the beginning. The long-term research and education in the field has given Logo a significant value in the eyes of teachers.

John von Neumann Computer Society

Being the member society of several international organisations like IFIP, CEPIS, ECCAI, EuroOpen etc. it has a large experience in arranging international scientific events. The Society is pleased to provide all the conditions required to maintain a high standard for the EuroLogo Conference.

Contact person in administrative matters: Ms. Virág Parlagi
John von Neumann Computer Society
H-1054 Budapest, Báthori u. 16.
Phone: ++ 36 1 3329 390, ++ 36 1 3329 349
Fax: ++ 36 1 1318 140
Contact person in scientific matters: Márta Turcsányi-Szabó

Local Organising Committee:
G. Aranyos, V. Parlagi (John von Neumann Computer Society), K. Bognár (Kossuth Lajos University), K. Farkas (Szécsényi István Secondary School), T. Forgács (Alternative Commercial Secondary School), T. Könczöl (Ministry of Education), M. Kőrös-Mikis (Nati onal Institute for Public Education), J. Mészáros (Gyöngyösi Elementarty School), L. Ökrös (Kassák Lajos Elementary and Secondary School), J. Rácz (Eszterházy Károly College of Teacher Education), P. Szlávi, M. Turcsányi-Szabó, L. Zsakó (Eötvös Loránd Uni versity, Dept. Informatics Methodology)