The rapidly developing information technology (IT) has provided a very broad spectrum of tools and environments for the benefit of education. How can Logo and related environments contribute to this benefit? What are the possible educational aspects of this language and its microworlds, and its relation to other environments? How can Logo related tools help to take a step further in the endless stairs of knowledge acquisition, growth of personality, self estimation, sense of liberation? What are the prospects of the language in development, cross-cultural activities and educational policies? The aim of the conference is to discuss issues related to these questions, welcoming a broad scale of participants. The discussions hope to widen views of the different cultures of Europe, facilitating integration and at the same time opening to the rest of the world, to change ideas, consult and discuss different views of cultures.


The following subjects are suggested for presentations and discussions, in relation to the main theme. Feel free to suggest further topics as well, to broaden the spectrum of discussion.
Methodology in curriculum content areas: Place and methodology in different subject areas and levels of education. What kind of learning does the specific environments invoke?
Learning by developing Special features of language or environment for the purpose of simulation, building models and developing programs.
Software design: Design principles for microworlds and exploratory environments. Future prospects in relation to IT development.

Cultural and cross-cultural aspects: How does the differences in age, sex, culture, language and educational policies influence Logo use. Cross cultural aspects of Logo. Logo in the connected world of networks.
Home learning: How does IT in homes affect the learning process? The role of Logo and related software in home use.
Children with special needs: Aspects in relation to children with special needs.
Teacher training: The place and methodology of Logo based education in IT training.

Topics are not restricted to Logo or Logo based software, but discussions of other exploratory software or related comparisons are very much welcome.

Invited lectures giving plenary lectures:

Prof. Andrea A. diSessa,, Graduate School of Education, University of California, USA
Dr. Bojidar Sendov, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University, Bulgaria
Evgenia Sendova, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Dr. Ivan Kalas, Department of Computer Education, Comenius University, Slovakia
Prof. Richard Noss, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Insitute of Education, University of London, UK

Conference at a glance


Social events

Welcome Party
This is a great chance to meet friends - old and new - and will be held in the conference building in the form of a buffet reception. From the building delegates can enjoy the fireworks closing the National Celebration Day events.

Conference Excursion with dinner
A half-day trip at Budapest and along the River Danube including a visit to historic towns. Szentendre is a unique artists' town with its cobble stoned squares, picturesque old streets and 18th century town houses, including the famous Margit Kovács Ceramics Museum.